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AquaClean - Water Quality Tester

  • Ensure to Have Clean Water
  • Qualified Water Tester
  • Fast & Accurate Results
  • Detect Dangerous Contamination

AquaClean is a great tool for a variety of professional and home uses such as checking the water quality for personal use (tap water) and the water quality in aquariums, swimming pool, hot tub, spa and more!

  • Durable
  • Durable, with a service life of about 1-3 years. Automatically shutdown after not being used for 5 minutes, making the battery last longer

  • Titanium Alloy Water Measuring Probe
  • The titanium alloy probe is used to measure water with high accuracy and is not affected by magnetic interference in water

  • Portable
  • Mini size, carry it with you, no matter where you are, either on a business trip or travel. Check the water purity at any time

  • One-key lock
  • Just press the hold button to lock and read the value more conveniently and accurately