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LifeProtectX Medikit - Premium Emergency Kit

  • New & Upgraded for 2020
  • Premium Emergency Kit With 80 Items
  • Intelligently Organized With Essential Items
  • Be Prepared in an Emergency Situation

Disaster Strikes in Seconds. Be Prepared When Help is Far Away and You Have Seconds to React.

  • Be Prepared for Any Situation
  • Includes First Aid Guide to Help in a Wide Range of Emergency Situations.

  • Compact & Lightweight
  • Fits Perfectly Under Your Sink, Closet, Car Glove Box, Office Desk or Backpack.

  • Fully-stocked
  • Intelligently Organized With All Essential First Aid Items for the Most Common Emergency Situations

  • We Make Preparedness Easy
  • Keep 80 Essential Survival Items With You All the Time