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NeckZen - Neck Pain Relief & Physical Therapy

  • Quality Cervical Traction Device
  • 10 Minutes Effective Therapy
  • Proper Alignment & Improve Circulation
  • Portable Design: Take It to Work & Vacation

Sitting is the new smoking: Most people in the modern work force these days, suffer from unnecessary headaches due to an extremely stiff neck. But no more: NeckZen has medical professionals going crazy about its effectiveness against these problems.

  • Simply stretch the pain away while lying down
  • Hang the neck hammock on your door, put your head in it, set the alarm to 10-15 minutes and that's it. After just a few short treatments, you will notice how the pain in your neck melts like the snow under the spring sun

  • Say Goodbye to Stress and Worry
  • Seriously, our customers say they can relax so well in Neck Hammock that they struggle to stay awake

  • Even with a busy schedule
  • Neck pain usually comes at an inconvenient time. You can use the Neck Hammock anytime, anywhere, with just a few minutes of treatment

  • Easy Preparation
  • In just three simple steps. Wrap the neck hammock around a door handle or railing and relax after a long flight, in the hotel room, during lunch break or at home after a long day at work