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SoniClean - Ultrasonic Tooth Stain/Plaque Remover

  • Safe for Crowns, Implants, Veneers and Dental Work
  • Silicone Flossing Tip for Healthier Gum
  • Fast and Easy to Use
  • Gentle and Easy Way to Remove Plaque and Tartar

Lock your door or zippers of the bag with this high-tech keyless lock. It’s waterproof as well.

  • Keyless lock
    Smart design to keep you from losing your key

  • Highttech chips
    These chips ensure that the lock read your fingerprint in less than 1 second

  • Multiple fingerprints
    One lock can hold up to 10 sets of fingerprints

  • LED indicator
    LED indicator to let you know that status of the lock