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UltraFlex - Knee Joint Support Pads

  • Adjustable to Fit
  • Maximum Protection and Support
  • Made With the Highest Grade Lightweight Aluminium Alloy
  • Reduces Your Chances of Suffering a Knee Strain Injury

Your Knees And Joints Cause Your Steps To Feel Heavy And Burdensome? This Revolutionary Knee Support Will Change Your Life

  • Spring-loaded Technology
  • Can Support Both Legs and Provides Your Knees With the Extra Support

  • Strong Lifting Power: Our Power
  • Effective Enough to Lighten About 40kg From Your Own Weight.

  • Take Pressure Off
  • Offer Support to Your Thighs and Calves, With Help of Reducing the Pressure on Your Sore Knees and Joints.

  • Comfortable Wearing
  • Straps Make Them Easy to Put on and Make It Possible for Them to Be Worn Comfortably, Whether Inside or Outside of Your Clothing. Fit All Size of Knee.